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The Bromley Foundation - Putting Everything In, Taking Nothing Out

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The Bromley foundation gives 100% of the money they raise direct to the cause without removing overheads such as marketing expenses, administration fees, wages and other necessary running costs. It is for this reason that the charity relies solely on the generosity and support of both local and national companies.

Become an Affiliate

By pledging to become an affiliate, the Bromley foundation will become your companies nominated charity of the year. By becoming an affiliate you will commit to raising funds through your organisation either through collection cans, in house raffles or auctions, sponsored events or by donating a percentage of your profits to the cause. In return you will receive all of the acknowledgements that you would expect from being affiliated with a national charity including PR, media and press publications, regular advertisements in news feeds, a strong online affiliation and VIP tickets to various charity events throughout the year. To become a affiliate please get in touch via the contact us page

Become Our Corporate Sponsor

By pledging to become our corporate sponsor you will actively fund the wages of one or more of our representatives for the period of 12 moths. Through this generous donation, the Bromley Foundation is not only able to grow and increase awareness on such a terrible life threatening illness but apply more resource to its fundraising efforts which in turn will save the life and limbs of more children suffering from osteosarcoma. Each representative of the Bromley foundation pledges to match your generous donation 3-1 so for every £1 you invest, they will bring £3 into the cause. By sponsoring our volunteers you will not only be creating employment, but will be supporting a very worthy cause and making a huge difference to the lives of many poorly children. Corporate sponsors will receive extensive PR and media acknowledgement as well as regular updates from the charity on the total funds that their generous donation has generated. Corporate sponsors will also receive all of the benefits of an affiliate and much more. To become our corporate sponsor, please contact

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