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Sky Dive Event 27th September 2013

Skydive to Raise Money for Children with Cancer.

Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 14,500 feet, the noise of the engines and the wind ringing in your ears with only the outline of distant fields below. Imagine leaning forward out of the doorway and letting go, falling forward into the clouds, skydiving down through the air as you start freefalling at over 120mph!
Well now you can stop imagining as all this is now available! Bromley foundation are looking for as many people as possible to take on our most daring challenge! Not only is one of The Bromley Foundation Team taking part, we will be supporting you in your fundraising by providing you with an online donations link to make collecting those essential pennies easier than ever.

BF Skydive

BF Skydive

What will happen on the day:

Receive your 30 minute tandem skydive breifing, including putting your gear on.
Go up to 14,500 ft in a purpose built skydiving plane experience, for the most is the thrill of their lives.
Your instructor will deploy, fly and land your parchute.
Recieve your skydiving certificate and optional DVD.
Talk about your tandem skydive for Bromley Foundation for years!

Weight restrictions and important information.

Non refundable deposit: £50
Minimum sponsorship: £300
The weight limit is 15 stone.
Everyone must complete a declaration of fitness to parachute, anyone aged 40 or above must get this signed by their GP.
The minimum age is 16, anyone under 18 must have parental consent
Please note that membership to the BPA is compulsory wherever you skydive in the uk.

To register, complete the form below and click 'Submit'. You'll then receive a confirmation email with a link to send to all your friends and family so they can sponsor you!

We will keep a live running total of all sponsorship and we will offer a prize for the top three fundraisers. If you are participating as a group or on behalf of an organisation, please complete the relevant field and we will link you with co-workers/friends.

If you need any additional information regarding the event then please contact Claire Fleming: for more details.

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