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Support and Aftercare

It is imperative that patients continue with regular check-ups and x-rays following their treatment and this may continue for several years after they have been discharged. Patients will often require months or years of physiotherapy following on from their procedures and many will require counseling. For the majority of patients, additional operations will also be required, especially those with a metal prosthesis. A small number of patients may also develop late side effects, sometimes many years after their treatment. These can include but are not limited to Lung and Heart conditions as well as an increased risk in further cancer.

The Royal Orthopedic Hospital offers a range of services to support patients before, during and after their treatment. There are also many other organisations that offer aftercare and support however sometimes it helps simply to speak to other patients who have endured similar experiences. If you would like to be added to the Bromley Foundations Support Network then please email us on the Contact Us page for more information.

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